I have been practicing traditional art for most of my life. My discovery though for digital art and design is what inspired me to pursue my talents in design and advertising. After graduating from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2014 with an interdisciplinary degree in Graphic Design and Photography, I began my career as a freelance designer. As time progressed I quickly discovered my interests broadened further into new media and marketing. I became so engrossed by this new knowledge I wanted to combine this new trade with my design skills. In 2016 I enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University where I am currently working on completing my masters degree in Communications w/ a concentration in New Media and Marketing.



Fun Facts

  • I come from a very small hobby farm in New Hampshire, and I learned from the very best individuals the importance of agriculture feeding communities and supporting smaller businesses. My future goals is to help these small businesses by providing my skills and talent for work.
  • On my free time I love to travel and shoot photos of almost anything that inspires me. I am also a big "foodie," so expect lots of food photos in my travels! I hope to some day travel the globe and experience different cultures in art and food.